Ep.1: Trumpocalypse

The Paint-O-Rama is a spinning, narrative based circular painting that contains many scenes within its composition.  These scenes are spread around the outside rim of the circle in a rotating fashion.  Instead of seeing the whole composition at once, viewers will only see the individual scenes through a digital lens.  

What is the Paint-O-Rama?

Episode 1:


The first iteration of this project surrounded the 2020 election, particularly in an attempt to discredit Donald Trump as a worthy leader and point out the far reaching consequences of his incompetence.  The piece was streamed multiple times throughout the day on November 3rd.  Each stream featured different relevant musical pieces, and urged people to Vote. 

Although Donald Trump has lost the 2020 election (despite his false claims of fraud), his influence is still palpable and will not go away overnight, as he is likely the front runner for the 2024 cycle.  By continuing to display this piece, hopefully it can help show his supporters the terrible future we could have if he (or someone like him) is elected again. 

You can't fight an evil like Donald Trump with more evil.  That just makes things worse.  What you can do is expose that evil with art.  If you would like to help me try, use the link at the bottom of the page to share the original posts of the piece on my Instagram, or share the link to this web-page.  I also encourage you to make art of your own, or support artists who are speaking up about these issues. And of course, stay tuned for more episodes of the Paint-O-Rama.

Remember, no matter how bad it gets, the world will keep spinning.

                                          - Joe


Clip from the Election Day Stream

Music:  "Pigs on the Wing 1"

           Pink Floyd

           Animals (1977)

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